Beyond Head Hunting

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We’ve already talked about the benefits of Ricercamy’s Head Hunting offering. And if you still have doubts about the effectiveness of our Headhunters, try reading what our clients say about us. Today, however, we’re going to go beyond head hunting. Because while Ricercamy is first and foremost a Head Hunting company, it is also true that it offers many services that traditional Head Hunting companies cannot.


In essence, your advantage in turning to Ricercamy lies in the fact that our support is complementary to your company, according to your specific interests. Therefore, we can take care of the entire Search and Selection process, just like any other Head Hunting company (although we will not charge you exorbitant fees). Or, you may decide to delegate only certain aspects of the entire process to us. In other words, once you hire us at Ricercamy we become your Talent Scouting department.


A hypothetical (but not too much) case 


Let’s say you’re a small/medium sized company, growing fast. You decide to expand and hire five new profiles. Fortunately, your industry is quite popular and your brand is already quite popular, so as soon as you upload your first job offer on Linkedin, you get a flood of applications. Maybe too many. In fact, you realize that not all of the CVs you submit are of high quality, so you need to do some screening. But you don’t have time to spend reading hundreds of profiles – after all, you have a company to run. What to do? So far, your options were limited to the following three:


  • Make do on your own, working long hours reading cvs and partially neglecting your other business commitments.
  • Expand your company further by hiring someone in HR. But of course you’ll have to spend valuable time selecting the right profile and training them. In short, you are creating a new problem to solve an old one. What’s more, once the expansion phase is over, isn’t it certain that you’ll still need the new figure?
  • Use a headhunting firm. But these are born mainly for the search of those roles that need a research work, of hunting precisely. You already have dozens and dozens of CVs in your hands. Within this mass of CVs is probably the profile you need. You are not interested in the whole headhunting process. In addition, because of the percentage payment method on the RAL of the new hire, if you need to hire more profiles you will end up either limiting your expansion, or paying an excessive amount for a job that does not justify the cost.


The Solution: Beyond Head Hunting


Ricercamy offers you a fourth option: buy one of our hourly packages. For all the hours you will have purchased, Ricercamy specialists will be at your disposal for any service you need: have you collected hundreds of CVs through Linkedin and need to eliminate the superfluous and identify the profiles that are really worth? We’ll start a screening process, either by simply reading all the CVs (sometimes this is enough as a discriminator), or with quick cognitive phone calls, or thanks to the VisioTalent platform we use.


The great thing is that we adapt completely to your needs. Why should you have to pay for the entire process when you need a hand in a few crucial steps? With our Cloud Sharing method, we are constantly in touch and can mutate our action according to your needs. Moreover, since we are not paid with a percentage of the RAL of the hired person, from an economic point of view we do not care if out of the 150 CVs we screen you decide to hire one, two or twenty profiles. Our compensation was decided at the beginning of the collaboration and we are only interested in your satisfaction.


Ricercamy prides itself on offering an excellent Search and Selection action and numerous services in addition to Head Hunting.


You are interested but not completely sold on our offer? Read what our clients say about us and schedule a video-conference 


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