What is Head Hunting?

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What is Head Hunting?


The job market has clearly become more dynamic in recent years, in part thanks to the digital revolution, in part, the more than two-year pandemic has also helped streamline the recruitment process. In fact, the imposed distancing has speeded the fall of certain taboos, such as holding meetings and interviews remotely. Despite these positive innovations, many companies struggle to find the right staff for their project, and this has been happening since before the Covid era. Precisely to meet this need of companies, Head Hunters and Head Hunting companies are born. Keep reading this article to find out what Head Hunting is and how it can help your company.

So, what is head hunting?

From the company’s point of view, Head Hunting looks like this: you need a figure X with characteristics a, b, c; you contact a Head Hunting company; in the shortest time possible, the Head Hunting company proposes a shortlist of candidates with the required skills and attributes; you choose the candidate most in line with your project. This is the barest and most basic description of the experience you will have if you decide to use the services of Head Hunters.

Of course, underneath this surface there is a challenging and complex process for identifying suitable candidates. In fact, it does not simply consist of posting the ad on Linkedin or other channels and then screening the applications. This is a part of the process and companies would be better off delegating personnel selection to HH agencies: it is a time-consuming activity and requires ad hoc skills and software.

The fulcrum of Head Hunting lies exactly in the search for those talents who do not respond to ads. Very often they are already in a company and, although they may want a change, they are not actively moving and you won’t find them on their own. This is where Head-Hunters come in: through a study of your competitors, the profiles most in line with your project will be contacted. If you’re wondering how to defend yourself against headhunting by your competitors, this article will help.

The revolution of Ricercamy

Ricercamy has innovated the search and selection process. Our revolution is based on two pillars:

Transparency and immediate sharing are our first distinguishing features. In fact, you will be able to follow step by step our progress in identifying your ideal candidates. This is thanks to cloud-based sharing of mapping that takes into account our work on your project. And as soon as we feel we’ve found an interesting candidate, you’ll be contacted.

The second feature that differentiates us from our competitors is in the business aspect: no more paying exaggerated fees, forfeits or “tokens” for each insertion made in the company! With our SMART rate you will only pay for the hours that are actually used for your specific selection. This way you will have a fixed and certain initial expense. This means that we have no commercial interest in pushing you to hire the candidate who requires the highest AGS: our remuneration does not change if you hire a candidate who requires €30,000 per year rather than another who requires €40,000. Moreover, if you want to make a comparison with a traditional approach, your fees will be on average between 5 and 8% of the AGS!

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