How to find a good JSP Developer

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Are you looking for a JSP Developer but are finding it difficult to recruit one? Have you relied on recruitment companies but have not had the expected results?

In this article we will explain who this figure is and what he/she does and the advantages of turning to Ricercamy as a partner in the search and selection of profiles in the IT sector.

Architecturally, JSP can be seen as a high-level abstraction of Java servlets. JSPs are translated into servlets at runtime, so JSP is a servlet; each JSP servlet is cached and reused until the original JSP is modified.

Jakarta Server Pages can be used independently or as a view component of a server-side model-view-controller project, normally with JavaBeans as the model and Java servlets (or a framework such as Apache Struts) as the controller. This is a type of Model 2 architecture.

JSP allows Java code and some predefined actions to be interspersed with static Web markup content, such as HTML. The resulting page is compiled and executed on the server to deliver a document. Compiled pages, as well as dependent Java libraries, contain Java bytecode rather than machine code. Like any other .jar or Java program, the code must run inside a Java virtual machine (JVM) that interacts with the server’s host operating system to provide an abstract, platform-independent environment.

JSPs are usually used to provide HTML and XML documents, but through the use of OutputStream they can also provide other types of data.

The Web container creates implicit JSP objects such as request, response, session, application, configuration, page, pageContext, out and exception. JSP Engine creates these objects during the translation phase.

In this context the JSP Developer operates, whose key knowledge is on:

Java Server Pages-L1, Core Java-L2, (mandatory) and JavaScript-L2, PHP-L2, (optional)

Jakarta Server Pages ( JSP ; formerly JavaServer Pages) is a collection of technologies that helps software developers create dynamically generated Web pages based on HTML , XML , SOAP or other document types. Released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems, JSP is similar to PHP and ASP, but uses the Java programming language.

To deploy and run Jakarta Server Pages, you need a compatible web server with a servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty .

The excellent JSP Developer as a Senior Developer:

– Should be responsible for the development, support, maintenance and implementation of a complex project module.

– Should have good experience in applying standard software development principles.

– Should be able to work as an independent team member, able to apply judgement to plan and execute your tasks.

-Should have a thorough knowledge of at least one development technology/programming language.

– Should be able to answer technical questions/requests from team members and customers.

– Should be able to instruct, guide and mentor younger members of the team.

To perform the above tasks the JSP Developer will need to have among the following skills:

BE development skills with Java language,
FE development skills with the use of JSP (JavaServer Pages)
Skills related to Eclipse, REST and SOAP services
Knowledge of the main testing methodologies
Previous experience in projects managed in Waterfall or Agile methodology
Previous experience in banking contexts
Excellent knowledge of the English language
Obviously, important soft skills complete the profile, such as a propensity for mobility, proactivity and creativity, good organisational skills and results orientation.

In the IT sector there is strong competition on the market and speed in contacting them and a study of salaries are the bases for optimising a selection process.

Ricercamy, a revolutionary and dynamic head hunter, born in March 2012, has, since its inception, been committed to introducing innovative elements into the world of Search and Selection that would improve the redemption of Recruiting activities.

According to a study by Linkedin, 75% of talents are passive and already working, not proactively looking for new professional opportunities. Only 25% of them are more consistently interested in actively searching for new job offers. Therefore, investing the company’s budget in subscriptions and/or offers from job posting platforms cannot be the only effective solution.

It is necessary to adopt a methodology that allows us to reach the best candidates: headhunting calls!

This is how our specialised headhunters find qualified staff for our clients.

Our consultants’ anonymous calls are able to intercept any profile with different seniorities.

Through a very thorough and technical telephone pre-screening, in addition to the personal data, we collect all the specifications on the candidate’s experience necessary to assess its validity and thus allow the candidate to access the next step.

All of the above is carried out and shared in real time via a cloud file in which it is possible to work hand in hand with the client company’s human resources representative, who does not have to wait 2-3 weeks to receive the first shortlist of valid profiles, but just a few hours!

Transparency and immediate sharing is a distinctive trait of Ricercamy, which has specialised over the years in the search and selection of technical figures in the IT field, thanks to the development of specific skills and knowledge of the profiles sought and the reference market.

By searching for personnel on a daily basis, our headhunters have acquired know-how and specialisation in their sectors, which allows us to be leaders in this market crowded with recruiters.

On the strength of our tools, since its inception, Ricercamy has helped from the smallest IT Start-Ups, to the large IT Colossi in the selection of qualified personnel who are difficult to find and to place. Thanks to our SMART commercial offer, our clients ask us to carry out selections that they have always tended to do internally, but since we have certain costs and do not provide completion fees or exclusivity, they feel free to delegate to us the management of their vacancies, or those more difficult or repetitive activities, thus lightening their workload.

If you are also looking for these profiles, don’t wait!

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