Founded in 2012 by a team of professionals with more than ten years’ experience in personnel recruitment, Ricercamy specialises in the selection of junior and middle management talent.
We operate throughout Italy and have expertise and experience in a variety of sectors, from large-scale distribution to the manufacturing industry, from services to professional offices. We are a dynamic and innovative company, able to offer highly customised solutions and maximum flexibility to our client companies.

We have succeeded in rewriting our methodological approach, introducing total transparency into our processes and thus enabling our company representatives to make more effective and informed placement choices. We have also worked hard over the years to be able to offer the market, unique in Italy, a business model based on pure consultancy in support of recruiting processes, free from fees based on a percentage of the RAL of the candidate hired. We believe that linking the cost of selection to the candidate’s RAL is wrong for at least two reasons. Firstly, because the difficulty of the selection process is not directly proportional to the candidate’s salary. In addition, working on a percentage of the candidate’s salary generates a dangerous conflict of interest that we gladly leave to our competitors.

We also put the person at the centre of the search and selection process, dedicating great care to the candidates who come to us to look for work, following them throughout the selection process, as evidenced by the hundreds of reviews on the web.


Head Hunting

Ricercamy has innovated the personnel selection process, making it faster, more convenient and more precise than any other selection company on the market. We operate throughout Italy, with a focus on the IT, ICT, PHARMA, MEDICAL, CHEMICAL, RETAIL and many other sectors. We are a dynamic and innovative company that offers the quality of an executive search firm, at much lower costs.

Recruitment and Selection

At Ricercamy, "Personnel Search and Selection" means quality, transparency and sharing the entire process with our client. We have innovated both from a methodological point of view, but also in terms of our commercial offer, by eliminating the completion fee, which is a source of conflict of interest with respect to the presentation of the best candidate, and replacing it with an approach based on hours of consultancy.

Compensation study

We are able to provide you with a snapshot of the market you are interested in in a very short time, broken down by profiles and competitors, based on activity carried out in real time and not on a collection of data that is months old, as is generally the case with the activities carried out by our competitors. All this at extremely convenient rates that can be tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Skills mapping

Before proceeding with the selection of a new profile, you should get to know your resources. Mapping the skills of your resources is the most effective tool for drawing up a map of the key figures to be included in the workforce in order to grow your company. Our consultants, thanks to their expertise and the use of ad hoc tools, will help you in this process.


About us

"Recruitment activities in IT are becoming more and more burdensome and were managed with low priority in the company.

I appreciate the people at Ricercamy because they helped us in this outsourcing process naturally and quickly.
Their working method is effective and allows us to be always up-to-date on their activities and the candidates identified with minimum burden for the company."

Luca Nunno
CEO presso CriticalCase Srl

Press review