How to find a good Industrial Automation Technician

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Are you looking for an Industrial Automation Technician, but you don’t know how and where to search for good people for your company? Have you already tried posting an ad on Linkedin, Monster, and Infojobs, but in addition to spending time screening resumes and not finding the person you were looking for, have you activated any outside vendors without satisfactory results? How to find a good Industrial Automation Technician?

You’re reading the right article… read how Ricercamy works alongside and supports companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and robotics industries in the search and selection of specialized profiles.

The Industrial Automation Technician: who is he? How to find a good Industrial Automation Technician?

The Industrial Automation Technician possesses the technical knowledge to intervene in the programming of industrial machines, both individual machines and entire plants, whose maintenance and testing they take care of.

The term automation originated with the meaning of defining everything that is outside the direct control of man and that is essential to activate a machine automatically. The Automation Technician takes advantage of the possibilities offered by modern (ever-evolving) advances in electronics, mechanics, and information technology to control and manage modern industrial systems.


What he does.

The Technician repairs and maintains systems controlled remotely by a computer over time. He also intervenes in the control of robotic systems found within both industrial and civil systems. It thus reduces human intervention allows the entire process to be more efficient. The technical training acquired during his studies enables him to carry out control activities in the area of plant design and sizing and also intervene in the hardware and software part of the same. The installation of the system, including its mechanical and electrical parts, also results under his management, in addition to the calibration and adjustment of the individual elements that make up the automated system.


Where does he/she work?

The career opportunities offered to the Industrial Automation Technician are diverse in particular we can mention: the automotive, robotics, pharmaceutical, power distribution, food processing and transportation sectors.


What does an Industrial Automation Technician do?

  • Draft technical documentation related to a system (installation, operation and maintenance);
  • Collaborate in the design of an automated system, identifying the elements that characterize the industrial process;
  • Realize the electrical and electronic part, particularly the hardware component;
  • Devise the program that is to manage the system using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller);
  • Carry out the installation of the automation system, intervening so that there is a perfect correspondence between the software and the machine system;
  • Manage all phases of plant testing and perform maintenance of the system by evaluating its response to the various tests performed.


Main characteristics required:

  • Possesses a technical diploma in industrial automation with which one acquires those theoretical and practical skills that one to program, design, intervene in cases of faults, and carry out proper maintenance;
  • Knows how to use programs specific to industrial design, particularly CAD;
  • Is able to write technical documentation and knows the basics of Technical Writing;
  • Knows hazardous situations in the workplace and intervenes in a timely manner by assuming correct and conscious behavior;
  • Understands symbols in technical reference manuals;
  • Recognizes the causes of electrical-electronic malfunctions in a plant and correctly sets in motion the appropriate intervention techniques;
  • Is able to make improvements to hardware and software necessary to enable the machine to function;
  • Is familiar with the latest regulations related to accident prevention, which must be complied with during both installation and maintenance;
  • Knows the principles of mechanics, electromechanics, pneumatics, and hydraulics and applies them to automation technologies;
  • Is an attentive and curious person who actively participates, together with colleagues, in solving problems specific to the automation field;
  • Possesses strong skills in work planning and scheduling.
  • The Industrial Automation Technician

The Industrial Automation Technician acts in a timely manner in solving problems affecting the important field of automation. In Industry 4.0, the role of the technician has become critical; human supervision is drastically reduced while reducing the risk of injury. 


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