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The Covid pandemic years have forced numerous changes in our lives,  both professional and private. While we all wish and expect a return to normalcy, one change that can be taken as a useful evolution is the smarter use of digital tools. In particular, the ability to meet with a colleague or client via video-link makes one’s workday much more efficient. Of course, companies must adapt: you can’t assume that it’s all business as usual. If you are looking for new profiles to be included in your company, you will certainly have noticed the change, at least in the way interviews are conducted. Therefore, you may still need a hand for Search and Selection at a distance.


Luckily you have found Ricercamy. We started exploiting the potential of digital tools long before we were forced by the various lock downs. The logic behind our bet on these means was that they allow us to save huge amounts of time. Since our revolutionary offer is not based on Fee to Success but on hourly packages of services, our time savings are your money savings.


Remote Search & Selection, two tools


Cloud Sharing


A hallmark of Ricercamy’s Head Hunting is our transparency throughout the process that leads to selecting the profile you need. This is also made possible by sharing a mapping of all our updates in the Cloud. This means that at any time you will be able to see the progress we are making. Continuous sharing of progress will allow you on one hand to keep your finger on the pulse of the situation, and on the other to better target your job offer depending on the market response.


There is nothing worse than thinking of recruitment as a closed-box process: you ask a headhunting company for a profile with certain characteristics. The latter, after a certain period of time, mysteriously offers you candidates. On the one hand, this method may not lead to any results, on the other hand, if a result is obtained, you will not know through which methods: was an ad on Linkedin enough? Or perhaps a direct hunt was necessary? Without this information, the payment you make to the Head Hunting company will be in the dark. Maybe you’ll pay a Success Fee of 7,000€ when the Head Hunters only posted the ad on Linkedin. With us, on the other hand, you’ll always know what you’re paying and why, thanks to Cloud Sharing.


VisioTalent and Video-Interview


or both candidates and recruiting firms, getting to know each other via video is a great time and energy saver. Of course, one always hopes that a video interview can be followed by a meeting in the flesh. But you certainly need to know how to take full advantage of the potential of digital communication.


Also on this, Ricercamy has chosen transparency and customer service: you decide whether to entrust us with the conduct of interviews, the cognitive call, or only the hunt for contacts. Thanks to the digital revolution, Ricercamy’s network of Headhunters extends throughout Italy, and we can therefore search for candidates in every Italian city. And of course we can always keep up to date with video-conferences, in which we will expose you in more detail our developments and we can listen to your needs.


In addition, we make use of VisioTalent, which allows companies to ask introductory questions for the search of the profile sought. Candidates will then record a video of their answers. In this way, it is possible to go beyond the simple Curriculum Vitae, without having to spend an infinite amount of time in interviews (some of which are avoidable).


You are interested but not completely sold on our offer? Read what our clients say about us and schedule a video-conference 


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