How to find a good Customer Experience Functional Analyst

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Are you looking for a Functional Analyst in the Customer Experience area but are having difficulty recruiting? Have you relied on a recruitment company, but have not had the expected results? In this article we explain who this figure is and what he does, how to find a good functional analyst in the Customer Experience field, and the advantages of turning to Ricercamy as a partner in the search and selection of profiles in the IT sector.


It must be said that the success of a company is based on loyalty and interactions that can develop with its customers, creating a real bond with the brand. 


To this end, the Customer Experience (abbreviated CX) is a fundamental point that projects strategies, processes, organization and assistance onto the customer, focusing on the experience and the sensations lived.


An evolution of Marketing, the Customer Experience no longer simply deals with the product and its advertising, but analyzes and makes use of the experiences and emotions that the customer experiences when interacting with the brand, for example a cyclist who sees his bicycle win the Giro d’Italia, generating a chain of interactions between the brand and the buyer that is no longer linked to the single purchase of the product, but creates an affinity similar to team spirit and belonging to a group.


What specifically does the Functional Analyst do in the area of Customer Experience?


The figure is the expert who, by analyzing the needs of a company, identifies the most suitable software solutions to meet their needs.

The main activities he/she will have to perform are

  • Analysis of business procedures
  • Organization of business processes
  • Restructuring of the information system and applications
  • Update and revision of requirements management tools
  • Technical analysis of required functionalities and risks
  • Evaluation of the necessary timing
  • Implementation of customer experience measurement tools
  • Evaluation of the entire multichannel customer journey
  • Ongoing analytical analysis of progress
  • Implementation and evolution of industry technologies
  • Measurement of the Brand Ambassador element (satisfied customers who voluntarily promote the brand)

Typically, it is advisable to choose candidates with a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Management Engineering. 


To perform the above activities, individuals will need to have among their competencies:

  • Ability to analyze user requirements
  • Mastery of standard UML language
  • Knowledge of databases and SQL
  • Manual writing skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to write reports and technical documentation
  • Flexibility and problem solving skills
  • Autonomy and ability to organize work according to priorities and deadlines
  • Good knowledge of the English language


The profile is completed by important soft skills, such as: aptitude for team work, proactivity and creativity, good organizational skills and results orientation.

In the IT industry, there is strong competition in the marketplace, and speed in contacting them and a salary study are the foundations for optimizing a selection process.

So, how do you find a good Customer Experience Functional Analyst?

Ricercamy, a revolutionary and dynamic head hunter, born in March 2012, has, since its inception, been committed to introducing innovative elements into the world of Search and Selection that would improve the redemption of Recruiting activities.

According to a study by Linkedin, 75% of talents are passive and are already working, not proactively looking for new professional opportunities. Only 25% of them are more consistently interested in actively searching for new job openings. Therefore, investing the company’s budget in subscriptions and/or job posting platforms cannot be the only effective solution.

It is necessary to adopt a methodology that allows to reach the best candidates: the hunting calls (or Head Hunting)!

This is how our specialized headhunters find qualified personnel for our clients.

The anonymous calls of our consultants are able to intercept any profile with different seniority.

Through a very thorough and technical telephone pre-screening, in addition to the personal data, we collect all the specifications on the candidate’s experience necessary to assess its validity and thus allowing the same to access the next step.


All of the above is carried out and shared in real time through a cloud file where it is possible to work hand in hand with the human resources representative of the client company, who does not have to wait 2-3 weeks to receive the first shortlist of valid profiles, but just a few hours!


The revolution of Ricercamy:

Transparency and immediate sharing is a distinctive trait of Ricercamy, which has been specializing over the years in the search and selection of technical figures in the digital field and thanks to the development of specific skills and knowledge of the profiles sought and the reference market.

Looking for personnel on a daily basis, our head hunters have acquired a know-how and a specialization in their fields, which allow us to be leaders in this market crowded by Recruiters. This allows us to know how to find a valid Brand Ambassador.

Strong of our tools, since its beginning, Ricercamy supports from the smallest realities to the biggest companies in the selection of qualified personnel difficult to find and to insert. Thanks to the SMART commercial offer, our clients ask us to carry out selections that they have always tended to do internally. Since we have certain costs and we do not provide completion fees or exclusivity, they feel free to delegate the management of their vacancies to us. Or else those activities that are more difficult or repetitive, making their work easier.

If you are looking for these profiles, don’t wait!

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Alison Santoro