How to find a good Advertising Manager

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Are you looking for an Advertising Manager, but you don’t know how and where to look for good people for your company? Have you already tried to publish an ad on Linkedin, Monster and Infojobs, but in addition to having spent time screening CVs and not having found the person you were looking for, you have activated some external suppliers without satisfactory results?


You are reading the right article… read how Ricercamy supports IT consultancy companies and web agencies in the search and selection of specialised profiles.


The Advertising Manager is a specialist involved in the web marketing sector with the task of planning effective advertising strategies; he deals with the entire promotion process. His objective is to stimulate the sales of products and/or services related to digital advertising, to do this he must prepare adequate promotional campaigns and at the same time keep the cost-benefit ratio under control. After precisely defining the target audience, he establishes its characteristics, positioning, language and target audience, and then determines the best tools to use for the advertising campaign (banners, newsletters, display advertising, social media, etc.). In order to do this job correctly, it is not enough to propose strategies that are targeted and functional to the objectives to be achieved, but it is necessary to know how to modify one’s approach in the event of unforeseen circumstances. At the end of the advertising campaign, it is necessary to be able to correctly read the results obtained in order to be able to intervene in a timely manner in subsequent promotions. The important thing is to be able to reach the right audience, i.e. potential customers, by exploiting the potential of various platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Google is in fact the world’s largest PPC advertising platform, where advertisers focus on keywords, whereas Facebook does not have keywords, but rather the interests of users on the basis of which the ads are displayed.

What does an Advertising Manager do?

Manage advertising campaigns by defining strategies;
Identifying the target audience;
Planning and conducting promotional campaigns
Collecting and analysing the results obtained
Optimising the various forms of sponsorship;
Carrying out media buying research for the purchase of advertising space, in order to maximise ROI;
Carrying out analysis and market research.

Main characteristics required:

Possesses a degree in Economics or Statistics, with specific skills in web marketing and social media, and has also attended masters or training courses on forms of communication on the web;
He/she has an excellent knowledge of the various operating systems and the main writing and calculation tools;
Has acquired skills in the use of the main Web Analytics systems;
Is familiar with the main marketing tools (Google Search Console, Advanced Web Tracking, Buzzsumo, etc.);
Is familiar with the most important statistical applications for the study of market research;
You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
You are good at teamwork and have project management skills;
You have an excellent knowledge of the English language.

The Advertising Manager must have a wide range of digital experience, his preparation must be transversal, the use of tools such as Google Ads and knowledge of the main CMS (Content Management System) is a prerequisite for being able to do his job at its best. His role as a web ‘strategist’ allows him to expand the company’s internet presence, enhance its image, and broaden the audience of prospects, i.e. those users who are actually interested in the product or service, or in other words potential users.

Among the main objectives of this professional figure is the analysis of data (data driven), which allows you to manage the various forms of communication in the most effective way possible and allows you to create customised experiences for each user.


Ricercamy, a revolutionary and dynamic head hunter, born in March 2012, has, since its inception, been committed to introducing innovative elements into the world of Search and Selection that would improve the redemption of Recruiting activities.


According to a study by Linkedin, 75% of talents are passive and already working, not proactively looking for new professional opportunities. Only 25% of them are more consistently interested in actively searching for new job offers. Therefore, investing the company’s budget in subscriptions and/or offers from job posting platforms cannot be the only effective solution.


It is necessary to adopt a methodology that allows you to reach the best candidates: headhunting calls! (or Head Hunting, as we call it).

This is how our specialised headhunters find qualified staff for our clients.

Our consultants’ anonymous calls are able to intercept any profile with different seniorities.

Through a very thorough pre-screening by telephone, in addition to the personal data, we collect all the specifications on the candidate’s experience necessary to assess its validity and thus allow the candidate to access the next step.

All of the above is carried out and shared in real time via a cloud file with our HR contact in the client company.


Transparency and immediate sharing is a distinctive feature of Ricercamy, which has specialised over the years in the search and selection of technical figures in the mechanical, electrical and electronic fields, thanks to the development of specific skills and knowledge of the profiles sought and the reference market.


Our headhunter’s operating method does not require the client to wait 2-3 weeks to receive the first shortlist of valid profiles. For us, headhunting means sharing in real time and working unfiltered and hand-in-hand with our HR contact.

By searching for staff on a daily basis, our headhunters have acquired know-how and specialisation in their fields, which allows us to be a leader in this market crowded with recruiters.

On the strength of our tools, since its inception, Ricercamy has helped engineering companies in the selection of qualified personnel who are difficult to find and to place. Thanks to Ricercamy’s SMART commercial offer, our clients ask us to carry out selections that they have always tended to do internally, but with certain costs and no complition fees or exclusivity, they feel free to delegate the management of their vacancies to us.

If you too are looking for these profiles, don’t wait!

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