How to find a good Brand Manager

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Are you looking for a Brand Manager but are finding it difficult to recruit one?

Have you relied on personnel selection companies but have not had the expected results? In this article we will explain who the Brand Manager is and what he or she does and the advantages of turning to Ricercamy as a partner in the search and selection of profiles in the marketing sector.

It must be said that one of the fundamental elements for any company is the enhancement of the Brand, both to increase sales and customer loyalty. Successful brands come close to fully satisfying the needs of their customers, thus becoming the preferred choice in their respective markets, building consumer loyalty with an emotional attachment to the image of the Brand Identity.

This is the context in which the Brand Manager operates, whose task is to study consumer preferences and habits, performing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market, and then drawing up a brand development strategy aligned with the company’s Business Plan and available budget. Branding activities are very important in launching new products, improving products already on the market, and rebranding brands and products in decline.

The main objectives of this role are Brand Awareness: to be recognised among the competition Brand Identity: representing what makes the product unique and inimitable Brand Image: the synthesis of opinion, how a brand is perceived by the customer Brand Loyalty: a good customer is forever, he/she remains loyal to the purchase Brand Equity: the brand acquires a continuous presence over time. What is the specific job of the Brand Manager? The main activities he/she will have to perform are Carrying out market analysis and studying consumer preferences for the same product offered by the competition defining the most effective integrated corporate communication strategy, both online (web and social media) and offline Planning and coordinating the creation of traditional and online promotional campaigns on search engines, advertising channels and social channels Define the company’s content marketing strategy and liaise with the social media manager Supervise blogging activities and the management of customers, fans of company pages and followers on social networks Measure the level of customer satisfaction with your brand and implement corrective measures if necessary A good Brand Manager must combine skills related to communication, marketing and commerce, so studies and degrees in Marketing, Economics and Communication Sciences are good starting points, even more if followed by a Master in Marketing Management at companies already known, as the figure never stops training following the changes in the market and always studying new business strategies, comparing them with the main competitors.

However, he/she should have the following skills Excellent analytical and planning skills Strong results orientation Autonomy and flexibility Relational and networking skills Ability to manage several tasks at the same time (multitasking) Knowledge of the main IT tools Digital strategy: online & offline integration Seo: search engine optimisation E-mail marketing Basic web analytics Mobile marketing Inbound marketing & lead generation Social advertising Affiliate marketing Web reputation & social media monitoring Content marketing & blogging Good knowledge of English Obviously important soft skills such as teamwork skills, good organisational skills and results orientation complete the profile. In marketing there is strong competition in the market and speed in contacting them and a study of remuneration are the foundations for optimising a selection process.


Ricercamy, a revolutionary and dynamic head hunter, born in March 2012, has, since its inception, been committed to introducing innovative elements into the world of Search and Selection that would improve the redemption of Recruiting activities. According to a study by Linkedin, 75% of talents are passive and already working, not proactively looking for new professional opportunities. Only 25% of them are more consistently interested in actively searching for new job offers. Therefore, investing the company’s budget in subscriptions and/or offers from job posting platforms cannot be the only effective solution. It is necessary to adopt a methodology that allows us to reach the best candidates: headhunting calls! This is how our specialised headhunters find qualified staff for our clients. Our consultants’ anonymous calls are able to intercept any profile with different seniorities.


Through a very thorough and technical telephone pre-screening, in addition to the personal data, we collect all the specifications on the candidate’s experience necessary to assess its validity and thus allow the candidate to access the next step. All of the above is carried out and shared in real time via a cloud file in which it is possible to work hand in hand with the client company’s human resources representative, who does not have to wait 2-3 weeks to receive the first shortlist of valid profiles, but just a few hours!

Transparency and immediate sharing is a distinctive trait of Ricercamy, which has specialised over the years in the search and selection of technical figures in the Marketing field, thanks to the development of specific skills and knowledge of the profiles sought and the reference market. By searching for personnel on a daily basis, our headhunters have acquired know-how and specialisation in their sectors, which allows us to be leaders in this market crowded with recruiters. On the strength of our tools, since its inception, Ricercamy has helped from the smallest Start-Ups to the largest Colossi in the selection of qualified personnel who are difficult to find and to place.

Thanks to our SMART commercial offer, our clients ask us to carry out selections that they have always tended to do internally, but since we have certain costs and do not provide completion fees or exclusivity, they feel free to delegate to us the management of their vacancies, or those more difficult or repetitive activities, thus lightening their workload. If you are also looking for these profiles, don’t wait! Fill in the form below and you will be contacted within an hour by our specialised consultants.  

Alison Santoro