The cost of the failures of Employment Agencies or Search and Selection Companies working on success is charged to the clients for whom the placement is successful (on average 25-30% of the selections followed are closed). The fact that you only pay once the placement has been made, as well as reducing the supplier’s focus on your needs, may make you believe that you have not spent any money if the figure is not found, but you still need to find the missing resource, which means that the client will have to invest a lot more time.


The course of activities is defined by the client together with the head hunter. Therefore there is no waste of hours.

E.g.: If you decide to spend 2 hours a day on hunting for the first week, if after 3-4 days interesting profiles have already been interviewed, the client can ask the head hunter to stop his activity for a comparison of the identified candidates and to proceed directly to the interviews in the company. In this way, no hours of activity will be wasted.

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Ricercamy consultants work for their clients in total transparency. The result of the activity is shared in real time through our mapping file, which is in fact a database that remains with the client. If the selection should present any criticalities, these would emerge from the very first hours of work, and would therefore be promptly reported to our company contact. There is therefore no risk of wasting purchased consulting hours.

Our selection methodology is based on headhunting, as this is the activity that provides the best guarantee of success for our clients. For each selection we make, however, we analyse the profiles already in our database as well as the responses to the advertisements we publish on various job posting sites and on our social networks, which have thousands of followers.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes Ricercamy from all other recruitment companies is that it has certain and contained costs. The formula with hourly packages is extremely convenient and transparent. If several interesting profiles emerge during the mapping activity, the company is free to hire as many candidates as it wishes without incurring any costs other than those agreed at the start (no Completion Fee).

The use of the mapping hours purchased by the client is defined on the basis of the client’s needs.

If the agreed activity (selection of one or more profiles, salary study, CV screening, etc…) ends before the end of the purchased hour package and within the expiry date of the package, the client is free to use the remaining hours for a new activity or put them on stand-by and use them as needed without any additional cost beyond the one agreed at the beginning.

Ricercamy operates transversally on the selection market, but over the years it has developed some important specialisations: Pharma, Medical, Cosmetic, Retail, It, Ict, Finance, etc…

It is true! Almost all recruitment companies charge a fee as a percentage of the RAL. We do not, because we do not believe that there is hardly any correspondence between the candidate’s salary and the difficulty of the selection, so we prefer to offer a service for which our clients buy our consultancy time. You can see the results. In fact, our selections close at fees that are well below 10% of the RAL.

There is also another reason why we do not work on a percentage of the candidate’s RAL: we want to avoid an obvious conflict of interest. If the recruitment company is paid on the basis of the gross annual salary of the candidate placed, it will be tempted to present more expensive profiles in order to have a higher margin when invoicing its service.

Ricercamy operates in a totally transparent manner, sharing in real time with its clients all the information it comes into contact with. It also reports in a special document (Hourly Counter) every single activity carried out, always and in any case defined together with our company contact person.

No problem, we convert the number of Smart hours into Smart plus hours based on the new hourly price. You will then not need to buy a new package.

Can I share the mapping file with other colleagues?

First of all, this is more than a remote possibility. After only a few hours of work it becomes clear if there is a mismatch between the conditions offered by the company and the demands of the market. Our headhunters immediately contact the client to find a solution. Moreover, our work represents a wealth of information (a database to all intents and purposes) that remains available to our client for 18 months.

The number of hours varies from profile to profile. However, we suggest the 35-hour package for 1 profile, the 60-hour package for 2-3 and the 90-hour package for 4 and above.

Trust is a prerequisite, but it is not enough. That is why we can provide every new company we come into contact with with references from customers in the same sector, who can tell us how effectively they work with this method.

Of course, if you need more hours or if you are nearing the end of your validity period, you can renew them by purchasing any package (there is also a special 20-hour package). The renewal not only adds hours but also extends their validity by at least 6 months.

One of the peculiarities of Ricercamy is that it is able to carry out a real direct hunting activity that is not limited to the use of Linkedin.

Therefore, the candidates we share with our clients have been “hunted” specifically on the basis of the needs expressed. Furthermore, the fact that we have been present on the search and selection market for almost 10 years means that we have a database full of excellent profiles and many contacts.

There are no waiting times. We are certainly much faster than any employment agency or recruitment company. Our client will have the opportunity to meet good talent as soon as our activity starts. He will be able to freely contact the most interesting profiles right away without wasting time. To be successful in a selection process, after all, time is of the essence.

Of course, we have a referral programme in place whereby, if a need is reported by other companies and a contract is signed, the referrer is awarded a free package of hours equal to 15% of the hours sold.

We do not place any constraints on this, but leave it up to you to decide how to proceed. You can either contact the candidate directly and make arrangements, or you can give us availability in terms of days and times so that we can contact the candidate and arrange interviews in good time.