How to find a good District Manager

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How to find a good District Manager

Despite a period of great difficulty at a global level, many companies have resumed their activities at a great pace and consequently it often happens that they need to insert a new District Manager. Whatever the size of the company, a District Manager is an essential resource because he or she aims to ensure customer satisfaction at the district level. In the next few lines you’ll discover how to find a good District Manager.


First of all: what does a District Manager do?

It is a very complete figure because it must ensure the quality of a product, control financial performance and manage safety and security within the district. The District Manager is, therefore, an area coordinator, at the helm of several branches, who collaborates with the Management in defining production and training objectives, motivating employees and orchestrating their work.


So: How do you find a good Chief Happiness Officer?

The only solution is direct hunting. Pure Head Hunting: we call the target company under false pretences, we pass on the figure in question and only when we have the contact we are interested in on the phone do we reveal the real reason for our call.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Head Hunting is a practice used only to look for Managers or Executives! As an example, in Ricercamy we have gained solid experience also in the hunt for profiles that work in production and on machinery. That is, from the person in charge of the melting furnace, to the person in charge of the assembly line, up to figures of greater responsibility.


These are very delicate operations especially because you have to “take” from an office a man who is working there! So these calls must be handled with competence, discretion and professionalism, so it is necessary to rely on those who, like Ricercamy, does it for a living! Relying on us you can have several advantages. Among the many: maintain anonymity with respect to the needs of your brand, have information retrieved here and now and not from old databases, which do not update the data at the real time, and especially use your time for other emergencies as the Head Hunting is an extremely time consuming activity.


The revolution of Ricercamy:

From the commercial point of view, the rules of engagement between Ricercamy and its customers have changed! No more paying exaggerated fees, forfaits or “tokens” for each insertion made in the company! With our SMART rate you will pay only the hours that are actually used for your specific selection. In this way you will have a fixed and certain initial expense. Moreover, if you want to make a comparison with a traditional approach, your fees will be on average between 5 and 8% of the RAL!

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Alessandra Zoppi

Senior Division Manager