"I am writing you these two lines for feedback on the first months of collaboration with Ricercamy. When you introduced me to your new approach I was very interested but, at the same time, I had some doubts. My fear was that the excellent flexibility proposed would then impact on the quality of headhunting. I can now say that all doubts have been dispelled, you have been able to grasp our needs exactly, and I have found in you a partner with whom I can discuss various aspects: open to discussion, ready to redirect us together where necessary and, above all, able to identify the "essential" characteristics of the resources we were looking for. I particularly appreciate the fact that you take our project on board... I'll copy an e-mail I received from you which made me realise how much our success was worthwhile for you too.

Hi Erika, I heard from a candidate for BA...top!!!

I think he's the one! He comes from [...], born in 1985, [...] has always done business analysis and planning! In the evening he sends me CV and makes videos. I loved it!

I'll put the details in the map later because I'm out with a client. For anything else, write me on the email I can access without problems.

Good afternoon,

In short, the solution you propose is excellent and different in many more ways than those you mention in your presentation. We have several projects in the pipeline... keep up the good work!

Thanks for the work you do


"With Ricercamy everything was simple, fast and with immediate communication.

After a short call to transfer the profile requirements, Fabiola immediately started looking for possible profiles.

Their method of sharing excel files and updating and inserting profiles was intuitive and convenient.

In the end my search was for one profile, but thanks to meeting two suitable candidates we hired them both!"

"I came across Ricercamy by chance while answering a phone call from Fabiola and since we had been going crazy with research for months I decided to try this service. I was a bit wary, but the investment was low compared to others and the service was innovative. We closed the search in 2 weeks, so it was great value for money, and from now on we will continue to use Ricercamy when it is useful and we will certainly save time and money."

"Recruitment activities in IT are becoming more and more burdensome and were managed with low priority in the company. I appreciate the people at Ricercamy because they helped us in this outsourcing process naturally and quickly. Their working method is effective and allows us to be always up-to-date on their activities and the candidates identified with minimum burden for the company."

"Fabiola and Ricercamy, unique experience of professionalism punctuality and kindness:

Thank you for a fantastic job!"

"The cooperation with your company was excellent. The search for candidates was quick and they all fit the profile we were looking for. Competence, courtesy and availability distinguish you."

"On behalf of my colleagues, I am writing these few lines to express my appreciation and gratitude for the work done over the last few months. This cooperation has enabled us to achieve our goals with results that are above expectations and within a short timeframe."

"I was convinced by a relationship of trust, which was immediately established with Alessandra. I was not mistaken, especially after verifying that the hours of work dedicated by Ricercamy to the selection of candidates had been "incredibly few" compared to the map of candidates presented to me!".

"Thanks to Ricercamy I found the candidate I was looking for!
Marica was very helpful, professional and quick: that’s why the research has been completed in only 13 working hours!”.

"Ricercamy proved to be a search and selection partner that exceeded our expectations. In a saturated market such as ICT, they were able to present us with a significant number of candidates aligned to the requirements in a very tight timeframe. Recommended!"

"For a company that grows and is committed to change, the company that selects personnel is fundamental. Ricercamy is one of our main partners. They are very relevant to targeting and quick to respond. All this combined with courtesy and maximum availability."

"We have used the services of Ricercamy and have found them to be serious, practical and accurate.

We are therefore extremely satisfied with the service we received."

A recent search for staff for our Bologna office led me to Ricercamy.
Their modus operandi is agile and modern with a flexible cost structure depending on the set budget. Our collaboration ended successfully with the insertion of a valuable resource into our workforce.
I will definitely contact Ricercamy for new vacancies.

"I have been able to appreciate Ricercamy's services from the moment I took charge of strengthening the agent network.

The harmony with the contact persons and the fluidity of the communication allowed us to identify new valid collaborators in a pragmatic and quick way".

"I came into contact with Ricercamy by chance and to this day, after a few years, I always turn to them for staff recruitment and find a high level of professionalism and competence.

Not to mention Fabiola's willingness and ability to identify the right people for our needs".

"We found it very good. In particular, we appreciated the working method and the strategy behind the system adopted with a perfect synergy between efficiency and courtesy".

"We are a consultancy firm with a strong focus on know-how, and the excellence of our staff is fundamental to us. In recent years we have added 20 new consultants to our structure, who we have always identified through our network.
However, the needs arising from our constant growth have led us to consider different selection channels, despite the inevitable doubts arising from the novelty. Our experience with Ricercamy dispelled them all, and quickly. So much so that after an initial search activity we immediately activated a second one, convinced by the effective method and the concrete results".

"We collaborated with Ricercamy for a head-hunting activity. The collaboration allowed us to appreciate the professionalism, efficiency and punctuality of Alessandra Zoppi and Fabiola Rezzonico. Thanks to their contribution we were able to close a first selection using only a portion of the hours, which allowed us to use the advanced hours to open a second search that is currently in its final phase with candidates already interviewed."

I have carried out some selections and placements in the company with the collaboration of Ricercamy.

They have all been more than positive experiences. The profiles of the selected candidates were fully in line with our request.

Thanks to Ricercamy, I achieved the result in a very short time, at low costs for a selection activity, and the insertion of resources that are still present in the company today with excellent results both personal and business. All this was possible thanks to the activity of analysis and knowledge of the company context by Ricercamy consultants.

"Ricercamy surprised us for the speed of activation of the head hunting dynamics and the quality of the profiles proposed since the first week, presented with in-depth details and considerations.
Ricercamy is an essential partner for recruiting activities in the Digital & IT sector, not only for the results obtained and the quality of the same, but for the decidedly effective method."

"The efficiency and speed with which Ricercamy completed the selection of the resource was truly remarkable. In particular, we have to thank Fabiola for her excellent support".

"I was assisted by Dr Zoppi in the search for various profiles, some a little complicated, others perhaps simpler.
I had never used a search company before and I must admit that it was a rewarding, stimulating and certainly positive experience.
Dr. Zoppi accompanied me and supported me in my research, 'spoon-feeding' me where I was lacking.
I would like to thank her and her staff for their competence, seriousness and for managing to understand my times without being too pushy.
A small/medium-sized company like ours absolutely needs companies like you".

"I would like to thank you for your professionalism, kindness and for Fabiola's patience. The process was very smart, fast and the results were great! We will definitely be contacting you again in the future."